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Watershop in other Applications

The WaterShop is designed for a commercialized franchise model for low income markets with underdeveloped infrastructure. The design and the modular systems are ideal for other applications such as community integration initiatives of Agriculture and Industrial Companies who employ large numbers of low income workers, as well as NGO and Development projects looking for closed-loop long term solutions for small or remote communities.



Schoeller Waters‘ drinking water solution offers great flexibility as it was specifically developed for the UN-Habitat, being low-cost, low energy consuming, mobile, and able to produce high quality drinking water from most surface and groundwater sources.

Our Water Technology partner offers a large variety of innovative Water Treatment capabilities, from Wastewater Treatment to Turn-key Bottled Water solutions.


Payment Systems

Schoeller Water has developed a unique payment and data management system allowing the operator of the WaterShop insight to all transactions, inventory management, minimizing cash handling, increasing customer usability, and assessment of customer behavior. Ideal capabilities for rationing environments such as refugee camps, development funded projects, and emergency response situations.



Schoeller Water also offers selected consulting services for Business’s, NGO’s and Government Projects aimed at improving access in BOP Markets.