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After obtaining a university degree in Economics from St. Andrews University in Scotland in 2004, Johannes ventured to Australia and worked as a Key Account Manager and in Business Development, building a strong versatility in Sales and Marketing techniques to access difficult markets. In 2009 he started the International MBA program at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, graduating at the end of 2010. Johannes Willms was asked to spearhead the Schoeller Water project in mid-2012, and was named Managing Director of Schoeller Water GmbH in April 2013.
The concept of „water as a resource“ was made evident to Johannes as water rationing was a daily reminder in Australia during the periodic dry spells, and thus partnering with Sustainability Victoria in raising awareness of proper resource management, at home and in the business. During his MBA he developed a portable water filter bottle designed to improve access, quality, and reduce cost for the people living in coastal regions in Spain. Combined with his passion for nature and sustainability Johannes feels that Schoeller Water can not only make a difference but also lead the way in innovative business models in emerging markets.





Christian Uhlik is managing partner at Schoeller Holding GmbH, Pullach, holding company of a group that is active in the areas of supply chain systems, renewable energy and recycling and intellectual property with a special focus on sustainability. He has long been fascinated by the prospect of providing micro-infrastructure and drinking water to the people in developing countries. Inspired by the group’s activities in renewable energies, he decided to start Schoeller Water as a project in in late 2011.
Christian Uhlik has a long and intensive track record in turnaround’s and change management. He gained that experience in several branches like semiconductor, optics, truck business, train bussines, logistics and automotive. His personal attitude as CEO was marketing, technical and sales with strong footprints in Spain, Italy, Eastern Europe, USA and China.