Value Chain

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 The Consumer 

We meet the needs of consumers earning a daily income of over $1 and less then $10. Typically, this consumer lives in a household of 5. These households spend 80% of their income on Food (52%), Housing (11%), Household Goods (9%), Energy (7%), and Water (1%).(5) They do not have drinking water access nor reliable electricity and thus have to collect and buy water and fuel on a daily basis. They then use the Water for drinking, cooking, and hygiene. Fuels are needed also for cooking, as well as lighting and mobile charging.

The WaterShop Operator 

Our franchisees are local entrepreneurs who have some experience in retail operations and have social ties with the local communities. The entrepreneurs have to earn the WaterShop Operators Certificate by going through the operations and management training. This will prepare them for running their own business and ensure they have all the tools and skills to be successful.


The need for affordable and quality water and other basic products and services for the BOP is highest in Sub-Saharan Africa, but also in Asia and South America. Schoeller Water is starting their Operations in Kenya in order to test and refine the product. Future markets will most likely focus on Sub-Saharan Africa but also parts of Asia.


Drinking Water 

The Schoeller WaterShop offers high quality drinking water which is filtered and mineralized on-site from a local water source to ensure healthy and good tasting water. Unwanted chemicals, heavy metals, and micro-biological contaminants, even Fluoride and Arsenic can be extracted ensuring immediate as well as long term health benefits. The water treatment system is environmentally friendly as it uses Solar Power and produces no harmful by-products by such processes as Reverse-Osmosis.

Mobile Phone Charging 

It is becoming very easy for people in Africa to own a mobile phone, and as home electricity access cannot keep up, more and more BOP consumers are relying on external mobile phone charging facilities. The Schoeller WaterShop offers fast, secure and environmentally friendly mobile phone charging at an affordable price.

Home Cooking 

The majority of BOP households still prepare their everyday meals on an indoor open fireplaces using wood or charcoal as fuel. Apart from health and safety risks, the fuel costs are very high. Improved Cook Stoves available at the Schoeller WaterShop eliminate the smoke and fire hazards of open fire places and save more than half the fuel through their efficient design. Moreover, Schoeller Water also offers financing for the improved cook stoves.

Home Lighting 

As with open fireplaces, Kerosene lamps being used by the majority of the BOP consumers create health & safety risks as well as high fuel costs. Those who cannot afford kerosene lamps loose valuable time they could spend working or studying, resulting in lost income. The Schoeller WaterShop offers highly efficient and low energy consuming solar lamps which can be charged over the course of the day and then used for lighting at night. Fuel costs are totally eliminated. Financing is also available for the lighting products.